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Adorable Siberians


The cattery Adorable Siberians is a small hobby cattery in Germany In a little town called Jünkerath. A year ago I moved to Eifel from the Netherland where I had lived for more than 25 years.  That is why my Dutch is definitely much better than my German and this is the reason why my cattery is registered in Belgium. Nowadays I live in a big house where the first floor is the real Cat Kingdom.

Hobby cattery means that I have only several cats so I can pay enough attention to each of them. My cats live at home; they walk and play in the living room and in the kitchen but not in the bedrooms. They also may not come on tables. They have been educated so, that they understand two languages, Dutch and Russian. 




The cattery Adorable Siberians is registered at Belgian Cat Fanciers club  under the number BCF-2874. 

Each of my cats has an impeccable pedigree. They all have been tested for the most common cat illnesses, blood group, heart, and lung function and are fully vaccinated.

The vet who takes care of the cats is Dhr. Heidemann in Ormont.