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Appearance of the Siberian cat


Have you ever seen the Whiskas ad? The kitten in the picture is a Siberian kitten, and this is not for nothing. They are so pretty that you want to hold them in your arms constantly, caress and stroke. And adult Siberian cats are distinguished by their elegance and lordly appearance. They seem constantly demonstrate their self-esteem.


The Siberian breed applies to large cats, and its representatives grow for a long time, during the first five years of their lives. According to the standard, the weight of a he-cat should reach from four to seven kilograms, and a she-cat- from three to five. Some breeders say that Siberians can weigh even more, up to 10 and even 12 kg. The height at the withers of a he-cat is about 40 cm and of she-cats about 30 cm, which may vary depending on their age. It is interesting to know that the large weight does not make them clumsy. Regardless of this, they are graceful, agile, and fast.

Due to their thick coat, Siberians look larger than other cats. With their velvet fur, they are pleasant to touch, and it is a joy to have them in your hands. They have a dense muscular body, proportional physique, a back slightly higher than the shoulders, a rounded and firm belly, covered with long soft fur. Their paws are of a medium length (while the hind legs are longer than the front ones), plump, the feet are rounded, with thick fur between the pads. They can sit on their hind paws for quite a long time, trying to get prey or a toy with their front paws.

The tail of the Siberian cat is its pride, and it constantly demonstrates that, lifting it up. Fluffy and broad at the base, tapering slightly towards the end, shaped like a large question mark, this tail twitches from one side to another, as if it asks “Have you seen such beauty anywhere else?”

Watching these cats from behind is fun because they are wearing funny fluffy "pants" made of thick fur. They also have “a party fur collar”, a hint that their relatives are lions. It gives them a serious "brainy" look and decorates them very much.

Their neck is short, rounded, and muscular; the head has a trapezoidal shape with rounded contours and is proportional in size to the body; the nose, broad and almost straight, has a small depression near the forehead, noticeable when looking at the cat from the side. Their ears are medium in size, wider at the base, the tips are somewhat rounded, inside the ears, there are funny tufts of long fur.

The eyes of Siberians are large, round or oval, wide-set, intelligent, and understanding. Their color is monophonic, combined with their general color. The color of their eyes ranges from green to golden.

Their fur coat is unique: it is waterproof and consists of a thick and hard elongated guard hair and a dense undercoat, not very different in length from the main coat.

The breed of traditional Siberian cats is considered hypoallergenic, which is seldom between longhair and semi-longhair cats.