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Character and habits


Siberian cats are one of the smartest breeds in the world. From childhood, they observe people, learn their habits and obey the rules that they were taught. Your cat will quickly remember its name, respond to it, and react commands such as “come to eat”, “drink water”, “have a look”, “come here”, as well as words that he would be taught from childhood. It will even sometimes "talk" to you in its own cat language, showing its feelings or desires.

This breed is very devoted to people and does not like loneliness, missing its owner. If a Siberian cat sleeps in a separate room, then in the morning it will show special love for you, as if it wants to tell you that it missed you. During the day, it will try to lie down to sleep on some of your clothes, because it keeps your smell.

You cannot say about these cats that they do anything thoughtlessly. Every action of them makes sense. Having studied an object or a toy, they quickly find a use for it. They love various active games, roll tennis balls on the floor, tirelessly run after a string and can remove Christmas tree decorations even from rather high branches. After playing, they often carry toys in their mouths as a sort of prey and may bring them to your sofa as a "gift".

These cats are active, curious and adventurous. They are excellent hunters by nature. The craving for hunting is manifested even in very young kittens, which explains their playfulness. And they play until old age, amusing and delighting the owners. However, the desire to hunt indicates that it is better not to have birds or small pets at home, because sooner or later the hunter's instinct may wake up. If there are mice in the basement, then such a cat will exterminate them all, and not only on its territory, but also among its neighbors.

These animals are very clean. Daily hey take care of themselves by licking their fur coat even in hard-to-reach places, and they like to keep their toilet clean.

Siberians love small children and never offend them. Some representatives of the breed protect the sensitive sleep of babies, lying down not far from the crib. They love to play with children and allow kids to do whatever they want without releasing their claws.

With other words, those who have Siberian cats, are very lucky, because these pets are wonderful and devoted friends.